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/»•:•,■-;. v^:-'.^'^:^|P 

■P^ '*' •^^- -.ii-'^iA)/ ^^'.;:^Yn^' v^'.^:' .:^ 

^ '1 





Ninety-Third Annual Report 

OF iiii: 

Bible Society of Maine 


March 1st, 1903 


Presfs nf Snuffnrorffi Bros. 



iS^fficcre of tbc Society* 

HOX. PERCIVAL 130NNEY, Portland. 

Vice President, 
REV. FRANK J. HALEY, D. D., Portland. 

L. M. WEBli, ESQ., Portland. 

Corres})onding: Secretary, 
REV. ASA DAETON, I). D., Portland. 

Recording Secretary, 
NEWELL W. EDSON, Portland. 

II. W. SHAYLOR and ()Z^L\N ADAMS, Portland. 


.1. W. Ainirk. Portland, Rev. J. W. Map^rudcr, Portland. 

I'rof. A. W. Aiitliony, Lewiston. Rev. Lewis Malvern, Portland. 

Rev. John M. Atwood, Portland. Rev. Norman McKinnon, Au<?u.sta. 

Charles L Railey. Winthroji. Hon. Galen C. Moses, Rath. 

}\v\ . Smith Rak«'r, d.d.. Portland. W. K. Neal, Es(i., Portland. 

Hon. .lamrs I'. Jiaxter, Portland. Henry \\. Noyes, I'ortland. 

Prof. J. W. Black. Waterville. I). P. Parker, Portland. 

A. L. Hurbank, Portland. Rev. J. C. Perkins, Portland. 

H. N. Rolstrr. South Paris. Horace Purinton, Waterville, 

Hon. A. W. Rutlcr. Rockland. W. A. Robinson, Auburn. 

Hon. William W. lirown, Portland. E. P. Sami)son, Saco. 

Samuel M. Came, Es<i., .Vlfred. Rev. E. R. Smith, Farminpfton. 

(Jen. J. L. Chamberlain. iJrunswick. Rev. W. H. Spencer, d.d., SkovWi'n 

Prof. H. L. Clia|>man, Rrun.swick. A. JJ. Taylor, JJanjjfor. 

L. M. Cousen.s, Portland. Geo. W. Warren, Lsq., Castine. 

liev. K. A. Davis, Oldtown. Rev. I^. C. Wentworth, Berwick. 

.1. J. (Jerrish. Portland. Rev. L H. WharlT. Danforth. 

Hon. Moses (ii(hlings, lianK<»r. Rev. Charles Whittier, Orono. 

A. F. (;oodhue. Ft. Fairfield. Rev. E. P. Wilson, Portland. 

R<'V. Wni. H. (Jould. Dexter. Rev, J. K. Wilson, d.d., Portland, 

l.'»v. H. i>. (irHlin, Ran^'or. Alfred Woodman, Portland. 

Rev.(;eo.B.HIsley,D.D.,Westbrook. Rev. A. H. Wri^lit, Portland. 

State Supcrinti'iident, 
UEV. G()WEN C. WILSON, Portland. 


The Superintendent can be found in tli<^ ollice to receive contribu- 

tioHH for the work of the Society or supply Bibles of any description to r 

I ' . rs. He will receive and r<'cejpt for n)on<'y sent by mail and ' 

K..' -... iiiff»rmation concerninjf Bibles or iill any orders so received. i 

AddrcHH. REV. (iOWKN C. WILSON, ♦ 

Sui)t. Bible Society, Portland, Me. 

BIBLE DLPOSITORY, Room 'J7, First National Bank Buildinj^. 


annual flDcctinQ of tbc Society. 

Tlic umuijil meeting of tlie Society whs held April ii, 190:i, at the Y. 
M. C. A. parlor, Portland. 

Rev. Smith linker, d.d., waschcsen to preside. 

Prayer was offered hy Kev. Henry Blanrhard, d.d. 

The records of last meeting were read and approved. 

The Treasurer, L. M. Webb, Esq., read his annual report, which was 
accepted and ordered put on file. 

The annual report of the trustees was rea«l by Rev. Lewis Malvern. 
It was accepted and ordered printed. 

A re.solution ui)oii the death of Rev. Albert T. Dunn, d.d., was pre- 
sented by Rev. J. C. Perkins and adopted by the Society. 'It appears 

The Superintendent, Rev. Gowen C. Wilson, was appointed to repre- 
sent the Society at the funeral of Rev. Dr. Dunn, at Waterville. 

Committee on Nominations reported officers for ensuing year. The 
report was accepted and the officers elected. The names appear on a 
previous page. 


Newkll W. Edson, liec. Sec. 


Sinnmar\> of Srcaeurcr'e IRcport. 


Cash on hand Mar. h 1st, 1902 $ 377 or. 

"received from churches and individuals 2.5»S« ;{7 

minor lejracies in year 40 oo 

sale of hooks by Supt. and missionaries l.iifil 27 

" " income of funds and interest .S7r. 40 


P»«id American Bible Society for books f 871 fiO 

for supplementary hooka 717 81 

^ui>t. and missionaries' salaries and expenses 3,r>21 00 

< -'Mice rent, printing and other expenses 2."{0 01 

Cash on band March Ist. 1903. . fiSi' 17 

sr..932 ir> 


Gros* value of i>ooks on hand. Marc li 1st, 1902 S1.O07 71 

ItouKhl in year l,7r.9 92 


Books "^.Id dijririK tlie yrar 27 

" donated and delivered to life members 208 82 

" on hand March Ist, 1903 ;»7;{r.» 

$2,827 r,:{ 

I.*^acy re<:eived fromestateof Mrs. I.u<y T. Phelps $r,rt{) 27 

Achsah S. Clifford r.oo oo 

.■Si.iir.o 27 

Value of permanent funds reported last year 91 T). 499 24 

T.. M. Wki'.i'., Trfastirer. 


"Kcport of 36oar^ of JCruetcce. 

rouTLANi), Mk., April 2, 1003. 

To THE Memuers of the Bihle Society of Maine: 

Dear Brethren: — In giving you the report of the past year's work 
of this Society, based upon the one given by our SuperinteiKhuit, to 
the Trustees, I call your tiioughtful attention to important facts, the 
great needs of, and our solemn duty in relation to, this ]iil)le Society 
whose work is one of vital importance to the moral and si»iritual wel- 
fare of this our beloved State, 

The workers for the year have been Mr. /. M. X'aughn, Mr. I. L. 
Corson and Miss Ida L. Fuller, of the old force, with Mr. (). ('. Farn- 
ham who was enlisted last May. Two others also have assisted tem- 
porarily. Tliis band of four men and one woman have acted during 
the year as agents, canvassers and missionaries, for they seem to 
occupy all these positions. They are persons of sterling ('hristian 
character, selected for their special interest in, and fitness for, the 
work. By their conscientious labors they have gained the confidence 
of your Trustees and Superintendent, and deserve also the confidence 
of the Society. 

The force has been smaller by one than the year l>efore. This 
seemed imperative because of a deficit reported last year and the year 
before, and of the determination of the Trustees that it should not be 
repeated this year. As a consequence of this smaller force, the terri- 
tory covered has been considerably less than usual and less than at 
first laid out for the year. One hundred small towns were open to us 
by reason of the rule to visit each town every seven or eight years. 
Of these but sixty-three were canvassed, together with twenty-one 
plantations of from six to sixty families. This smaller force accounts 
in part for the smaller number of families reached (some 15,(H)0 
against nearly 22,000 the year before. But this was in part also due 
to the scattered population of most of the towns canvassed. Some 
were so sparsely settled as often to require many miles of travel to 
reach but one or two families. And besides this the length of time 
required to make a call where there is destitution and need, and where 


no Other form of mission work is done, is much greater than in more 
favored Iwalities. 

Instances of remarkable interest are reportexl where men and 
women were found liungry for help, where no pastor or Christian 
j>erson could be found resident in the neig^hborhood to give comfort, 
counsel or clieer. In some of these towns were found grown-up chil- 
dren who liad never attended any religious meeting. The benefit 
receiveil from the visit of an earnest Christian man or woman in such 
families, besides the supply of Bibles to the non-church-going, can 
never be adequately estimated. 

These then are the statistics for the year: Families visited dur- 
ing the year. 14,010. In 9 counties. 03 towns, 21 plantations: Number 
of families atteiuling no church, 7.232: number of families having no 
religious preference, :>.OCX): number of children in no Sunday School, 
5.344; number of families (other than Rom. Cath.) destitute, and sup- 
plied with Bibles, 404; number of days work done in all, 4)071; number 
of miles traveled, nearly 8.000: number volumes sold by the mis- 
sionaries (Bibles in whole or in part), 2,432: number of volumes sold at 
the Depository, about l.OOo; number of volumes donated by mission- 
aries and by order of Trustees, 853: making the whole number distri- 
butetl in the year, 4,28"); the total value of the same, $1,854.09. 

I call attention to two items in the above statistics: 14,91(> 
families visited the past year against nearly 22,000 the year before. 
Vet remember we have been fertilizing the more sterile, because the 
more sparsely i)opulated parts of our State. The sale of Bibles has 
also been small in comparison with some years, 2,432 only, sold by 
the missionaries in the held against 4,512, the year before. But here 
we must remember the homes reached have been largely those of the 
poor, and such as need the Bible and will make good use of it. 

True, there has been a small surplus of receipts in the year, above 
expenditures. But mark the next sad statement. This was due to 
■cutting down the wf)rk of the year one-third. What does this meah? 
It means a less number of missionaries have been employed; a less 
numlwr of calls have been made; a less number of i)eople supjylied 
with the Bible; a less number of persons reached for their spiritual 
jffKKl. Withal a splendid w<»rk lias been done witii the means used. 
These are the facts. What now are the needs? A deeper interest in 
the hearts of all Christians in our State, whose watchword shall be, 
"The Bible for Maine " 

Our Superintendent has been stimulating our churches to greater 
beni'volence for this Society, and raised $350.24 above last year, but 
the falling off of colleetions by missionaries, (Ui account of the; ]>()(irer 
diHtrirts canvassed and their gifts coming mostly in dimes and nickels, 
more than offset this. We have the men and wonien r(*ady to do the 
work, we have the bof»ks. the precious Bil)le, rj-ady for distribution. 
But we need money. Shall we boast of our financial and commercial 
prosperity and let this Society be retarded in its work for want of funds? 

niiu.K soriKTV or maink. t 

We need at least $1,(j<jo.(K) more for tlii.s work and it ought to Ikj 
easy to raise it. Let every member of this Society do what he can. 
I^et each church in th<* State he Htimulati'd to systematic contril)Uti<»n8 
for the Hi))Ic in Miiine, and we can put this greatest Missionary 
Society in Maine in a condition to perform tlie greatest possible good 
for the inhabitants of our State, for the salvation of souls, and the 
^(lory of (iod. Let us note these facts, consider the needs, and do our 
<luty. And (iod will ^I'^nt an increase of moral and spiritual p(»wer in 
our State. liespcctfully submitted, 


For, (uid in hehalj of, the Trustee.'* of the Jiible SoHety of Maine. 

IRccapitulatton of Stattetict?. 

Number of Towns canvassed, ..... rc\ 

" Plantations, or unorifani/ed Towns, Jl 

•• Different Counties, in part, ... '.» 

'* Families visited, .... 14,1»1« 

'* " with no religious preference, . 3,0O» 

•V " not Church attendants, . ~,,2'.V2 

'* Children in no Sunday School, ."),344 

** Bibles (in whole or in part) sold by missionaries, 2,4^i2 

sold at Depository, (old) 1,00«» 

•' donated, ...... 853 

Total number of Hibles distributed during the year, 4.2>^'> 

Total value of same, ..... ^l.s54.o".» 

Number of Families (.other than Koman Catholic) found des- 
titute, and supplied, ..... 404 

Number of miles travelled by Missionary Canvassers. . S,(KK) 



nini.K SfMlKTV OK MAINE. 9 

"View Blbcrt Zcai IDimn, H). 2>. 

Rkv. AlukktTeal Dunn, D. D., died in Watervillc. April 2, 1903. 
The iimmjil meeting' of the Society occurriiiK on tlie same day, Rev. J. 
C Perkins introduced the following resolve which was nnaninioiisly 
adopted and put on record: 

Even in the midst of the deepest pain and grief, before tlie loss of 
such a man to his family and friends, we are yet in our hearts most 
dee])ly conscious of sincere thanksgiving before the divine mercy and 
the gracious love of our Heavenly Father for the gift of Ilis life iierein 
revealed to us. 

We have been made to realize the blessed intimacy of fellowship. 
We have known the joy of precious associations. We have come face 
to fa(!e with splendid manhood. We have been inspired and helped by 
a tine courage and hojte, and a spiritual consecration. 

For seventeen years as Trustee, and the last nine as President, 
these powers have been poured out richly for the welfare of the Maine 
Hible Society. As president and trustee, the Christian strength of his 
spirit has found expression in constant and ethcient service; faithful 
and devoted zeal; watchful and wise foresight; careful and vigilant 

Made keenly aware in this hour of death of the genuine and true 
companionship and leadership that our friend Reverend Albert Teal 
Dunn, Doctor of Divinity, has shared with us so genenuisly. 

We therefore are resolved to place on our records this testimony of 
our loving and resi)ectful gratitude t(^ him; and to communirate the 
same to his familv and friends. 



The ninety-third anniversary of the Society was lield in Lewiston, 
at the Pine Street Conjjre^ational Chnrch, on Sunday evening, April 
l'.»th. The churches in the city generally united in the service, fillinu 
the audience room of the church. 

Hon. Percival lionney, the newly elected president of the Society^ 

After the organ voluntary an anthem was sung by the choir of 'the 

Tlie invocation and reading of Scripture were by Rev. J. E. Wilson 
of the Pine Street Free Baptist Church. 

Prayer was offered by Rev. N. M. Simmons of the liaptist Clnirdu 
and it was followed by a Response by the choir. 

President Honney then gave an address stating briefly the origin 
and aim of the Society, and giving a very interesting account of the 
life and varied activities of lion. Samuel Freeman, who was practically 
the founder of the Society and promoter of very many other benevo- 
lent and philanthropic organizations. He then spoke very fittingly 
and feelingly of Rev. Albert T. Dunn, D. 1)., its last i)resident, sa 
recently decea.sed. 

The Report of the Trustees, written by Rev. F.ewis Malvern, Port- 
land, was then read by Prof. A. W. Anthony. 

After singing tlu' hymn, "O Word of God Incarnate", the address 
of the evening was delivered by Rev. Smith Haker, I). D., ])astor (vf 
Williston Congregational ('liurcli, Porthind. 

His theme was "The Bible, the ]}ook of books": it is'prominent 
among books because of the truth it reveals and the person it rei)resents. 
"Not only is it more than any other book, but it is different from any 
ntlier book, aiul the only inspired book of authority in the world." 

The speaker, after telling how the Rook has lived and stood all the 
testa of the centuries, gave an interesting account of its increased 
circulation in the last few years, and closed with mention of the fact 
that th«* Rible has imbedded itself in the life and literature of onr age; 
that it could not be destroyed without destroying with it evc^rytliing Ih distinctive to our civilization, and all that is tender or enno- 
bling in human life. 

A generous collection was taken up for the work of the So(!iety, 
an<l the Renediction was pronounced by llev. P(»rcival Marst.on, pas- 
of the Pine Street (Church. 

It wail an iuKpiring and In-lpful m<<-tiiig. 


Contrtlnitioni? from (Tburcbce^ an^ 1ln^ivi^uaIe. 

Received from May l8t. 1!M)2 to May Ist. 10o;{. 

Sept. 14. ivj, Airrecl, ( 'oM(f. church, aniuiai ineiiil>ers $14 <)U 

Sept. 14. " Samuel M. Came. Ks4) 5 00 

S«M»t. 14. ■' ■' H. M. Jordan r. 0<» 24 oo 

Aug. 23, '02. Auburn, liap.. annual members ...< 1 oo 

Auk- 2r), CouK.. «;tli St. church 3 75 

Dec. 2«;, Hiuli St. church . 11 0(» 

F'eb. '2'2, '<>.'{. Free Bap., <'ollecti(>n ;i mo 

Feb. " " annual members and cash ■) oo 12 80 

Nov. in, '02, AuRUBta. Hapt., annual members, * 3 <M> 

,Iuly 14. Cong., annual members 7 oo 

•Inly 14. " Mr.s. Samuel Cony r> oO 

Nt»v. 14, annual members 2.{ <m) 

Nov. 14. •• Hon. K. C. Hurleigh r. oo 

Nov. 14, " Hon. .1. H. Manley r> (m» 

Nov. 14. " Hon. . I. Manchester Haynes ^. C «m) Go <k) 

.Inly 20. Free Bapt., Hon, Chas. A. Milliken 

Feb. 1,'03. 

Feb. 1. .. •• annual members 

Feb. 1. •• .' caslMolle<'tions 

Feb. 1, Meth. church, annual membersand cash 

Oct. 11. 'o2, HanRor, Ist Hapt., Hon. Moses (liddings 

annual members 

Dec. 1, '02, 2d " " " 

Dec. 'JO, '02, Central Cong, church, auuual members and 

cash 3 r>0 

.Ian. 24, 'o.'i, Central Cong, chunli. annual members 4 «>o 

Jan.. Prof. J. S. Sewell 4 (»o 

Mar. 2S. W.L.Thurston r» tK) 1»;60 

Jan. 12, '03, Cong. Hammond St. church. 20 Oo 

June 22. '02. " " " " Pr. Thos. V. Coe lo oo .to oo 

Deo. 20, '02, Free Bapt., annual members . .*< oo 

Dec, Other annual members 'A oo 

Sept. 2.1, '02. Bath, Cong., Central St., Capt. Cha.s. E. Patten 2fi oo 

Sept.. " " " Henry E. Palmer 

Feb. 11. 'o3. " " " church collei'tion 

Feb., " " " annual menilHTS 

Dec. •'». '02, Winter St. Cong, church, church 

'* " •' annual members 

Dec. 1. BflfHst. Hapt. annual members 

Cong, church, annual members and rash 
Feb. 13. 
Dec. 1. I'nit. Church, annual members 

Meth. Church. 

.1 (M) 

10 (N) 

6 OO 

2 r,o 

2.T r,o 

2 ."o 

.". oo 

.', oo 

10 IIU 

2 OO 

lo oo 

12 .-.1 

1 (N> 

4.S .-.1 

14 Ol 

2 0<» 

IK Ol 

1 OO 

11 60 

8 OO 

19 no 

3 00 

1 0(» 

•275 42 


Amount lirtni^lit forwaid $27o 42 

July, Belcr«d«*. Advents in canvass $1 60 

July. Hapt.. annual members and cash ^ 9 60 

.luly. Free Bapt. annual members 1 80 

■July. Others. *' " 4 r.O 17 40 

^-l>t. \Ki. Benton, KapC. in canvass 2 (?r» 

■> i't. Cong, in canvass 1 .SO 

Sept. Univ. in canvass 1 05 

Sept. Others 2 ir> 7 15 

Nov. 26. "02. Bethel, Meih. annual members 3 oo 

.\pr. 13. '03. *■ church. 2 00 5 00 

Oct. r>. '(Kl. Bi<lileford, Cong. annual members 15 00 

Oct. .'). '0.3. 1st Conjf. cburoli. annual members 2 00 

Nov. 4. '02. Blue Hill. Conif. aiiniial members 1 00 

Mar. 1»5. 03. Boothbay Harbor, Mrs. Susan Lewis 5 oO 

June 3. '02, ltow«lolnhaiii, annual members 100 

flune. '02. Brewer. Cuiig., annual members 4 00 

May 1.".. '02. Brl«lgtou, Coiikj., annual members ^ 8 00 

May !.'•.. 02. Miss Caroline A. Walker 10 Oo 

May 16. '02. Ruel Dodtje. L. M 5 00 23 00 

\un. 12. '02. BrookrtvIIle. Con^f. annual members 1 00 

^lar 10. Briinawilk, Cong- church. Gen. J. L. Chamberlain 5 00 

Apr.. *• '• Prof. Henry L. Chapman 5 oo 

Apr.. • " " annual members 20 25 

.\pr.. Free Hapt.. annual members and cash 1 50 

.\ur., Metb.. annual members 2 OO 

\\ig. 23, '02. Buekuport. Cong, church. Mrs. L. Warren 5 00 

Autt. 2:1. '02, " *' annual members 5 00 

.luly. '01, " " J. 1*. Hooper 7 00 

.Ian 23. "WJ. " •• church 5 20 22 20 

Sept. .30, '03. Buxton. Hapt. chur.h 5 0<t 

- t. .30. '03. " * Dr. Zenas P. Hanson 5 00 

< 'I i. 14, '02. CAlaU, Kapt. church, annual members and cash 

Oct. 14. '02, Cong. " '• " " " 

Dec. 10. '02. Meth. " 

.fan.. '03. Cunco, .\dvents in canvass 1 5o 

.Un., 03. Free Bapt. in canvass 2 20 

Jan.. '03. Others in (-anvass . 1 75 

Sept. 2H. '02. Cawtlne, Cong., annual members and cash 15 J)2 

Later. " " " 5 50 

.lune I«;. '02, c;iiiiiberlan«l. ( 'onif.. annual members 

.\l>r 14. '02, DainariMi'utta and Nnwcantle, Bapt,,]annual members 

and cash 

Apr. 1 ♦. '02. (Jong, chunb. annual members and cash ... 

Apr. 14. '02. F'pis. anrmal inembertj 

Apr. 14. '02. Meth.. ca«b 

May. 12. '02. Df-xter, (;ong., annual members and Y. P. S. C. E. 

July. '02. Free Bapt.. * 

June 1, '03, .Metb., Kpwortli League.- 

-Nov.. *02, Univ., annual memborH .'{(»(» 

Nov. I I. "02. " church, hand of Kev. W. H. Gould r. 00 800 

Jane 27. '02. I>'»v«r ami Fotrroft. ('(MUf.. animal member.s 7 00 

Nov fi. '02. Wainwrigbt ('usbinK 5 00 12 00 

F«t» T. 'on. KlUworlh. P.a|.t.. annual nnMnbors • 1 0(» 

Feb. 7. '03, C/ong.. annual memberH 1 OO 

Jane '02. Pr«»«>por(, Bapt , annual memberH and canh 1 88 

f^tmr, •• " 00 7 .'{8 

Jan. A. Cong., annual members ■ 5 25 

July .*». '02. Fryeburg, (Jong.. Mm. Jane Frye CooNmIu'o. I-. M 5 00 

$545 5 1 

10 00 



























Flini.E MOriKTY OK MAINK. 13 

fr>4r. r»i 

1 (H) 

Iff 42 

r. oo 

2 12 

8 IM) 

21 A4 

r> «N) 

fi <NI 

lO (Ml 

3 14 

1 (Kt 

4 14 

lO OO 

12 G7 

2 CK) 

r. 00 

r. (XI 

24 r,7 

2 0«» 

2 oo 

ft (N) 

H (K) 

Amount liroimlil forwurd 

May 2. '02. <i»nlliier, Kapt.. annual iiuMnlxri ...^~..„ . 

May 4. '()2. Contf., colle<;tion 

May 4, 'o'J. " Daniel I.onfirfellow 

.Muy 4. •(»2, •• from tli« Sunday Si-liool 

Later, " annual nieniUers 

Miiy 24. 'o2, Epis.. W. W. HradHtre«l ^.. 

.July IH. •• Mijw Sarah M. Whitmor* 

May 4. Meth. churt^li. oollertioii 

Oct. l.'i, " " annual members ...... 

Feb. 20, 'o.'J, <;»r«llii»T. .south. <;. (J. Lawrence 

May 2»5, <»orhaiii, (;<iiii,'. cliurrli, ciiiilributioM 

June. annual ninuiberfl 

Sept. r.. '02. " Mrs, Fred'k Kobie 

Sept. lo. '02. " Mrs. Anna liTalford 

.June 18, '02. Melli., annual MifMibers 

Doi;. 14. '02, Ilallowell, Hapt., annual nionibers 

•Jan. 'A, '03, " annual members 

Jan. .M, 'O.T ('onir.. annual mnmbora lo 0<J 

Jan. .*{. "(KJ. '• Mrs. II. S. Stilson and tister R 00 15 00 

May 11. It:;. Ilauipden, Con»c, Mis.s S. C. Curtis 10 OO 

May II. '02. •* Miss R. S. Curtis lo o<» 

May 1I.02. " Mrs. A. C. HurleiKb lo OO 30 OO 

Feb. 2(). 'o;}. II»rpHw««n, annual members 2 oo 

Mar. 26. 'O.'i. Inland Falln, annual innmbers ; 7 OO 

Autf. 3. '02, Ji'rtrtrHoii. li.ipt., annual members n 26 

Autf. :t, '02. '• S. A. Hichard.son r> oo 

Aug. .;, '02, " Same in memory of his deceased 

father r. oo ITi 25 

Oct. IJ), '02. Keiiiinhunk. Bapt., annual nuMulters ."» 2.". 

.Ian. 24, '03, " church r. oo lo 2/> 

Oct. 20, Contf., Kinery Andrews lo oo 

Oct. 20, " annual members and ca.sli 2 26 12 25 

July 7. '02. Unit.. R, W, Lord .'. oo 

Oct. 20. '02. " Hartley Lord .". oo 

Nov. 10. " annual members 7 OO 17 <m) 

Nov. 10. MetJi., annual members 2 00 

Nov. lo. Kennehunk. West, Meth.. annual members I oo 

.Fan. 21. 'o:i, Keunebunkport, liapt., annual mombers'and cash 12 f.O 

Sept. If). '02, Cong., Mrs. (Jeo. Parsons .- 10 oo 

Nt)V.. " annual members 7 oO 

Dec n, '02, " church r. oo •J2 (K) 

Dec, Metli. church and annual members :i ,14 

Oct,, '02 Kiniclield, Free Bapt., in canvass 4 30 

Oct.. others, in canvass I 46 5 76 

May 30. '02. Klttery, Christian. Mrs, Ann M, Neal. L. M, 5 00 

Dec. 2, "02, I.«banan. No., annual members 2 oo 

Dec, 02, LeedM, Bapt., in canvas.s 2 2.". 

Free Bapt., in canvass 2 oo 

Univ.. in canvass 1 40 

Otliers. in canvass 1 7." 7 4«) 

03. Lewiiton, Bapt.. annual members .5 oo 

Con^., annual members 14 00 

Hon. Wm. P. Frye 20 OO 

estate of Mary P. Fogrsf. hand of Car- 
rie A. Bradford 25 OO 

•* Miss Sarah Frye « 10 00 

F. Gutmann ...10 00 

W. D. Pennell 5 (X) H4 <ki 

$885 50 





8. •02. 


10. '02. 











































Amount brought forward $886 6(> 

Apr.. *o3. Lewlston, Free Bapt.. Prof. A. W. Anthony $r> 00 

Apr., '03. *• *' Prof. A. L. AnBrell , 5 00 

Apr.. 'iW. *• ** annual members 21 00 

Jan.. '{K\. Limerick. Bapt., annual members 

•Jan.. <Xi. Con*:., annual members 

.'an . \Ki. Free Bapt. annual members 

.lune. OL*. Liiuinicton. Cong., annual men\bers 

May. Lltrhrteld, Cong., annual members 2 00 

May. " church contribution 2 00 

Mar. lO. '03. Llvenuore FalU, Meth. cliuroh 

Mar. 1. '03, Manchester, annual members 

Mexico. Free Bapt.. in canvass 3 2r» 

Cony:., in oiinvass 1 00 

others, in canvass 1 (>6 

July 20. Union collection 1 97 7 87 

Sept. 18. '02. New Gloucester. Cong.. A. C. Chandler, L. M f) 00 

Sept. 26. * C. P. Chandler 5 00 

Sept. 25, '• Fred H. Chandler 5 00 

Sept. 26. " annual members 2 00 

Feb. 28. '03. '• estate of Amos H. Everett, 

hand.O. S. Thomes, Exr.l5 00 32 00 

Apr. 27. '0:j. Newport, Mrs. Emma Rackliff 5 00 

Dec.. 'o2. New vineyard. Cong., in canvass 5 31 

Dec., Free Bapt.. in canvass 2 25 

Dec., Meth.. in canvass 2 50 

Dec. others, in i-anvass 60 10 «)6 

May 19. Norrldgewock, Cong, annual members 1 00 

Dec Norway, Cong., annual members and church 5 00 

Jan.. Univ.. annual members 7 00 

.Ian., others, annual members 1 00 

Feb., Oakland. Cong., annual members 2 00 

Feb., Free Bapt., annual members 1 oo 

Apr. 25, 'H.{. Oldtown. Bapt.. E. H. Alfred 5 0(» 

Apr. 25, '«)3, " annual members JM)(» 14 (to 

OtlNfleld, Cong., in canvass 2 55 

Free Bapt., in canvass 175 

others, in canvass . 1 (>5 5 !»5 

Paris. Ho., Bapt., annual members •'• 00 

Cong., H. M. Bolster 5 00 

anntial members 00 11 00 

.Meth., Miss M. E. Hearing 5 oo 

Cniv.. annual members 1 00 

'02. I'hilllpB, Cong., A. M. (ireenwood 5 oo 

others, in canvass 5 85 10 85 

Free Bapt., annual members 2 oO 

riiippHbiiric. Cong., Mrs. C. (;. Ortiz lo oo 

annual members 1 <k> II 00 

iMiiiitiehi, Iniv., Mrs. S. R. Haynes 5 00 

Miss Mae Dobson 5 00 

anrmal members 100 II oo 

('hristian Hrience, annual members 1 oo 

Nov. lo, '02, Portland, First Bapt. church. contribution 7 oo 

In year, " " " annual members h oo 1 5 oo 

.Mar. Ifl, '02. Free 8t. Bapt., A. .1. Amick 5 oo 

May 2H. 'u'l, Sunday ScIm.oI, E. (i. Foster, 

I reas 7 47 

•lune 13, (fj. H. W. NoyoH 5 00 

Year, anronil members 2:i Oo -lo 47 

Si|,rM5 .■{(» 

nilir.E ROriETY OK MAINE. 15 

Amount brouKht forwnrd $1.140 30 

•July. 1. '01. rortUn.l, j.l Parish CoiiK. Mrs. Comery'HB. 8. claM.$10T0O 

.1 line 12. 'O'.'. •• •• Mr«. A. S. Fuller 5 00 

June 3, '02. " " cliurch 4 00 

Oct. 11. '02. " C.H.Farley. S 00 

V9ar, " •• annual members 2 OO 26 Oo 

.Ian. S», '0.'J. Hifirli 8t. Con»{. churrh lo 00 

Nov 1«. " " antiiial members 1 «K) 11 0<» 

Nov. '02, Bethel. Cong., aiinujil iiieinlwirs 5 W) 

Sept. 18. " South worth Bros., printinK 20 (X) 2/i OO 

June «5. '02, State Si. Conif.. Mifwes C. E. and W. F. 

(Jritlin 6 OO 

.Fuly 17. '02. State St. Contf.. Henry F. Cox 10 oO 

July 2r.. '02. " " Mrs. Daniel F. Kmery 6 <iO 20 OO 

Aug. 27. 'o2. *• " (Jeo. S. FayHon 10 00 

Aug. 27. 02. " •' F. C. Fayson 10 00 

Aug. 2!>. '02, " " Mrs. I). H. Banks 20 Of) 

Sept. 20. '02. •• •' raHh BOO 

()<t. 7. '02. " •• Hon. J. P. Baxter io OO 

Nov. I.".. 1)2. '* '■ .Min.s Harriet A. Lil.hy ir» OO 

Mi88 Ernestine Lihby 15 00 

.Miss Ellen H. Lihhy 15 00 

MiHH Margaretta A. Libby 15 00 

Jan. 1. '03, " " D.W.Clark 10 OO 

Jan. <;. *<)3. •• " rhurch, hand W. M. Baileylfi Ch» 

.Ian. I.-., •o.t. " •• Hon. W. W. Hrnwn 26 00 

Fell. 17. •(>:{, •• •• Mrs. ClaraMoore 6 00 

Year. '* ** annual niembers 6 OO 106 00 

Nov. 28. St. Lawrence, annual members 1 00 

Dec. .10. '02. " " church 10 00 11 OO 

June \3, '02, Wood fords Cong.. I'hos. E. Thompson 5 00 

June '_".». 02. " *' church collection 13 06 

July .{,'02. *• •• Wm. H. Scott" Goo 

Sept. 2;(. •02. •• •• Mrs. Mary E. Baxter 20 «Ki 

Feb. 14. ■<);{. " " Chas. A. Weston .'> 00 

Feb. r>. 'o;?. " •' Little Twigs.Mission Hand 3 2.'i 

Year. ■ annual ineml>ers SG OO 86 31 

June 12. '02. Williston CoUk'. church. .\. .\. Montgomery 5 OO 

June 7. '02. " " J. K. I.ibby 2ri «X) 

June 27, '02. " " L. K. Loring .'i (k» 

Sept. 4. '02, •' " church, '.hand A. L. Bur- 
bank 21 v,H 

Oct. .!. '02. ' Mrs. Ella Thurston 10 <M) 

Oct. 7. '02. " " Mrs. Ezra Hawkes . f. «x) 

Nov. 27. '02. " " J. W. Farker lo 00 

Nov. 4. '02. •* " C. H. Fayson 20 OO 

Dec. <;. 02, •' " Miss E. T. Hvde lo 00 

Year, annual meml>ers 4 00 115 68 

Dec. 2, '!)2. Free church, annual inoinbers 1 (m> 

.lune 2r.. '02. St. Lukes Episc.. Hon. Win. L. Putnam r> 00 

Dec. 4, '02, St. Stephen's Episc. church. 10 88 

Dec, *' " annual mem- 
bers 4 00 14 88 

Year, Free Bapt. church, annual members 19 00 

Year, Oak St.. Friends, annual ineml>ers and cash 11 50 

June 10, '02, De«'rinj:. Friends, annual incinbrrs 8 56 

"\'ear. Chestnut Si. Mcih. annual nienibers 4 00 

May n>, '02, Treas. church 23 00 

.lune 23. * annual members and 

cash 8 75 

Mar. 20. o.'^ F. M. Siront 5 OO 

Mar. 20. 'iVA, E. S. Everett 5 OO 

Mar. 24. 'o."?. E. T. Hurrowe.s -10 00 

Apr. 8. hand Treas. ^. 3 00 58 75 

$1,747 42 


Amount brouRht forward $1,747 42 

June 26. 03. Portlmul. Cong. St. Meth. church and annual mem- 
bers , G 00 

Ye*r. Pine St. Meth. church, annual members 3 2.') 

Year. Clark Mem. Meth. church, annual members 12 00 

Oct. 2t». '02. First Parish. Unit.. Geo. A. Thomas $10 00 

Mar. 12. 't>3. Chas. F. Libby 5 00 I.'") Oi» 

Nov. 6, "02. Cong. Sti., Univ.. W. W. Billings r> 00 

Apr. 10. '(Ki. Alfred Woodman .T 00 

Mar. 22. '03. " •' " F. T. Dyer r> 00 

Mmr. 22. *03. ** " " annual members and cashio S.'i 

Year. annual members r» 00 30 M.^") 

Feb. 24. 'o3. Beadtieid and Kent's Hill, Meth., annual members 15 00 

Dec. 23. '02. Rorklan«l. Tong.. annual members 1 00 

.luly 2i>. 02. Kumford Falls, Bapt.. annual meml>ers 4 00 

Year. Geo. M. IMUsbury 5 00 

July, 20. Meth. church, annual members 125 

Feb. 25. iS»co. Bapt., annual members 3 (»o 

July, 23. •02. Cong.. E. P. Morgan 5 00 

Oct. *' annual members 10 00 15 OO 

Nov. 18. '02. Free Bapt.. annual members 2 00 

Dec. 15. '02. I'nit.. annual members 3 00 

Mar. 27. 03. Sanford. (SpringN ale) Bapt.. annual members 3 00 

Apr., 27, *03. Cong., annual members 3 00 

Dec. 19. '02, Srarboro, Cong., annual members H 00 

Jan. 30. '03. 8eari*port, Cong, chunb contribution G 70 

May '02. " " in canvass 21 ol 27 71 

May others in canvass 1 4G 

Nov. '02, Sfhago. iHillside>cash 5() 

Jan. 17, "iKi, Sedgwlrk. Bapt.. annual members 12 00 

Jan. 13. '03. Skowhegan, Beth. Bapt.. Mi.s.s Helens. Coburn 25 00 

Jan. 13. '03. " Miss Louisa H. Coburn 25 00 50 00 

July. '03. Sidney, Bapt.. in canvafs 4 7G 

•luly. Free Bapt., in canvass 2 20 

July. Meth. t-burch, in canvass 1 5K) 

July. Others, in can 2 85 11 71 

May •',. Ut'j, South Berwick. Cong., annual members and cash 1 75 

May lf». " Miss Sarah OrneJewett 5 00 

.May. " Miss Mary Jewett 5 00 11-75 

June 28. '02. 8t«ep Falls, Free Bapt., annual members 1 00 

Oct. 2, '02. Strong, Cong., rash in canvass 3 05 

Oct.. Meth.. annual members and cash .'{ 45 (J 5(» 

June 2. '02. Milliner, We»»t, annual members 1 00 

Jan. 7. '03. Mrs. C. C. (iarey, L. M 5 00 c. 00 

Ang. 11. '02. ThoniHuton, P.apt.. annual members 200 

Mar. 17. *a'<, Metb. cbun-h 3 44 

Aug. '02. Tliorndike, annual nienil»ers 1 00 

June. '(12. TopMhaiii, Cniv., annual members 100 

Sept.. '02. Turner. Bapt. in canvass 5 25 

Hepi-, Cong., in canvass 7 ol 

Hept . Univ.. In canva.HS .'{03 

Sept.. Metb.. in canvass 1 55 

Sept., otIierH. in canvass 55 17 49 

June. 02. Vamialboro, Ba| canvass 7 21 

June. ('ring., in cam asH 2 ft3 

Jui;«- Vrvi' B.'ipt.. in c.invaHg 2 05 

.lijii< Kriend.s. in canvass 4 05 

•Juii' Metii., in canvass 7 25 

.luT • Univ., in canvans 1 15 

Jii:,' others, in canvass .'{35 27 G!> 

$2,05!> 02 



















Amount hroiitfht forward $2.o60 o2 

Sept, {). "o'J. Warren. Hapt. rhurc li 1 6<> 

June, 'O'j. Wiihloboro, Hai>t., annual members and ranh 9 3 in) 

•lune. ConK. annual memtiers and rash 11 /W) 

flune, Muth., annual meml>erK 104 

•June, otiierf), annual members — ...,^ 1 OO 17 44 

Auk. 10. W»t«-rfor<l, auiuial niemliers „......►. 3 OO 

July. Webater, Advents, annual memberH 1 60 

July. ' Free Bapt., annual members ..^.~... 2 96 

July, Metb., annual niHmbora „ .„„ ... 1 (x) 

July, <»lbers, annual members ., _ 1 i:n 

Feb. 24, '03. W«llii, Cont;.. annual members 

July [6, W«**ti»rook, Advents, annual members and ra.«jb 

July. Mapt.. annual members and f-asb 

July. Contf.. annual members and cash 2 0<) 

Feb. •J7. '03, " church „.13 83 

Nov. 11, '02, " (Cumb. Mills) Jno. E. Warren 20 OC 

Nov. 21. '02, " " *• church 20 00 

Autf. 14, '02. " '* " annual member 1 00 41 00 

July 17. '02, Wliulbam, Cong., annual members 4 00 

Feb. ITi, '().'{, •' annual members 2 00 

Dec. 23, *()2. " cliurcli ;{ 00 

iSept. 27. '02, '• Friendschurrb. annual members 

Feb. 24, '03, (South) Free Bapt., annual member and 


,luno H>. '02. WInthrop, ConK. annual members 

May 29, '02. (Cenlrei Friends, (". M. Bailey 26 00 

Oct. ir.. " •• Mrs. Hannah J. Bailey 6 00 

Nov. 7. " " Sunday School, hand J. B. 

Rollins o 00 

Year. " " annual members « 00 41 00 

May. '02, WlnKlow, Bapt., in canvass 5 95 

May. Cong., in canvass „ 6 71 

May, Meth., in canvass 2 60 

May, others, in can 85 1' 11 

June 23. '02, Yannoutb, Bap., annual members 4 OO 

May 21, 02, " Miss Edith L. Cook 6 00 

Sept. 24. .03, 5 (X) 14 00 

May 21, 02, Cong., Mrs. S. J. Blanchard 5 00 

July 29, '02, " Mrs. Chas. L. Marston 6 00 

Year, " annual members 6 00 16 00 

June 1, '02, York, Conpr. cburcb, collection 3 49 

June, '■ annual niembers 9 00 12 49 

June, Union, collection 6 67 


3G small towns gain in canvass $ 43 01 

May 11, '02 anniversary collection. Bangor 20 50 

Year, Pulpit supplies, by Supt 20 OO 

June 23, Mrs. .lulia S. Cotbn. Windsor Locks 10 00 

,Iune 26, Albany. N. Y., annual members ^.... \ oo 

Mar. G. '03. Chas. Chauncy Savage, Esti., Philadelphia. Pa. 20 00 

Mar. G, '03. S. Essex. Mass.. annual members 1 00 

Apr. 19. 03. Anniversary collection, Lewiston 30 16 

May 5, '02, East Maine Meth. Conference 118 (K) 

Apr. 19, '03, Maine Conference. Meth.churchs 113 o<i 

Total, $2,671 19 



annual nDcmbcrs. 

All who contribute $1.00 or more to the Society within the year are counted 
Annual Members. Those ^iviiit^ S;".0O or more are rei>orted under the head of 
"Contributions." Those (giving less than $r..00 as far as known are given in the 
following list : 

MiNN Mary llallett 

Mrn. A If Harlow 

H. M. H.:i-h. KiKi. 

MtM ' ' .lohnHon 

Mm. 1..^ Ktmlmll 

.1. V. Lane 

Hr "-' — Ti McKinnon 

.!.< f 

.Ml K. Pray 

I> I' 

Hor«' • .'.in 

(i. K 

John H. Akers 
C. B. Bn>oks 
A. K. Collicut 
Margaret N. Drisco 
Aden (iile 
Miss I>ora Jordan 
Misj> Nellie H. Jordan 
Miss Kmeline .Jordan 
Mr>. Frank Lililetield 
Miss Myra Merrill 
Mrs. J. .1. Nash 
L. M. Perkins 
Miss A/enath Ridley 
J. C. SanlKiriie 
.Miss Haiiie B. Sliaw 
Mrs. KlIaM. Weeks 

Mrs. S. L. Keith 

W. A. Kobiusou 
H. C. Day 

I. M. Everett 
Rev.K. E. (iilkey 
Mrs Kvfi B. Hardy 
Mi t' Kenni.son 

C. .rill 

(ie<*. H. Merrill 
Miss Annie H. Pratt 
Hayniond Toothaker 
•Miss .Anna Smith Belle F. Woodl)Ury 


MiMlda E. Coggswell 
Miflt Elizabeth (ierrish ! 
MIm Mabel Loveji»y 

C. L. Andrews 
MUaBusan (;. Brooks 
Mm. W. F. Biizzell 
ThonniH (Jlark 
MfH E. C. Dudley 
L. B. Fowler 
O.ii. Hall. Km. 

Miss Susan W. Waldron 
F. L. Webber 
Mrs. S. C. Webster 
Mrs. C. P. Wilder 

E. E. Davis 

H. J. Folger 

Chas. C. (irittith 

Mrs. H. A. Lee 

Rev. C. (t. Mosher 

Hon. Oramandal Smith 

Miss Daisy E. Vouiig 

Dr. Frank W. Kinsman 
Dr. E J.R.)l)erts 


Miss M. F. .\yinar 
H. P. Chick 
Rev. A. E. Kingsley 
H. F. Whitman 
James WOoiibury 
(ieo. W. E. Barrowes 

Mrs. F. A. Canney iNLiry (Joombs 
R. A. Jordan 
Prof. J. S. Sewell 

Miss Elizabeth S. Talcott 
Mrs. E. Brann 
Mrs. E. Dan forth 

C. V. Bryant 
W. B. ("rossman 
W. A. Farrington 


Mrs. J. R. Kelley 

D. F. Percy 
Frank H. Percy 


Mrs. Fidelia A. Carter 

Mrs. Susan M. Craig 
MisHC. M. Cutler 
John R. Diinton 
Mrs Susan A. .Matthews Avis Matthews 
Mrs. H. M. Mansfield 
Mrs. M. C. Mansfield 
Rev. (Jeo. S. Mills 
Mrs. (Jeo. S. Mills 
MiHH Elizabeth M. Pond 
Mrs. C. (). Poor 
H. M. Prentiss 
Mrs. Mary A. Pierce 
Mrs. Ilirain Pior<;o 
Edward Sibley 

Mrs. Edward Sibley 

C. F. Ginn 

C. B. Hazeltine 
Wni. B. Swan 


Rev. Joseph S. Cum- 
in in gs 
John M. Cummihgs 
Mrs. J. L. Cummings 
Mrs. Henry Golder 
Mrs. F. L. Pray 


Mr. Chas. Bisbee 
Mrs. Ella H. .Jordan 
Rev. O. S. Pillsbury 


J. N. Anthoine 
Miss M. E. Anthoine 
Mrs. Waldo B. Anthoine 
Dr. S. J. Bassford 
James G. Fogg 
E. H. Goldthwaite 
John Ilemmiiigway 
C. B. Mayo 

Miss Hattie (). McKeen 
Rev. E. H. Newcomb v 
Mrs. C. W^ Ross 
Mrs. J. F. Trull 
(i. N. Waymouth, Esq. 
Capt. (ioldthwait 
Miss Alice M. Hyde 
Mrs. Durell Somorville 

Blue Hill. 

Miss A.M. Peters 


Mrs. Margaret J. Cone 


Mrs. Charlotte Burnaby 
Cant, .bdiii T. (iilnian 
A. Robinson 
Rev. B. B. Merrill 
Miss Estelle M. Robinson 
Willis I. Brewer 
Mabel B. Freeman 
J. Wyiiian Phillips 
Harlan P. Sargent 
Hon. D. A. Sargent 

E. R.Stanles 

Hon. F. 11. Nickerson 




Mrs. n. K. (lark 
Mrs. Aaron (iilikm 
Mrs. .Iiilia llulo 
Mrs. Wm. F. Ferry 
MfH. .1. H. Siier 
<". M. 'rrufiiiil 
Mrs. A. H. Walker 

KrldRtoii, Hoiith. 

MrH. W. W. llill 

Hrookuvillf. West. 

O. L. Tapley 


Mrs. K. S. Hud well 
Mrs. Gardner ('r;ini 
Prof. A. L. I*. Dennis 
K. W. Katon 
I'rof. (ieo. T. Files 
John Furbish 
Mrs. Honj. (iroejj 
M\H» L. A. Hatch 
MrH..). H. Henley 
I'rof. W. Hon>s'hion 
I'rof. I.cslio A. 
I'rof. (Joortfe T. Little 
I'rof. W. \i. Mitchell 
Mi.s.s W. W. NearinK 
Mrs. Ciias. Pa«'kar(l 
MisH (;art)lyn I'eniull 
Mrs. .lohn rurry Hattitt O. Perry 
Mrs. F. ('. Kohinson 
Miss K. S. Sawyer 
M\hs. Fannie Skoltieiti 
L. K. Smith 
Mrs. Hvron Stevens 
Prof. F. K. Wood ru IT 
Miss Helen Whitniore 

Mrs. F. E. Melcher 
,1. S. Town 
,1. F. Will 


K. K. (iardner 
Miss K. SpolTord 
K. H. Stover 

Rev. A. G. Fade! ford 

Miss Sarah S. Allen 

tlolin Barker 

Miss Hertha K, Hoyd 

Miss Harriet Crahtree 

Hon.(ieo. K. (iarduer 

W. A. Murchie 

Miss Mary L. Newton 


A. F. Adams 
Mrs. Mira L. Burr 
Mrs. .1. W. Davis 
Mrs. .\. M. Devereux 
Thos. E. Hale 
Miss Nellie P. Harvey 
Mrs. K. E. Philhiook 
Mrs. A. F. Richardson 
Miss Kate S. Kussell 
Miss Mabel B. Kidley 
Miss Emily P. Sherman 
Wm. H. Sargent 
Mrs. S. W. Walker 
Mrs. W. H. Wetherlee 


Mrs. Harriet Blanchard 

Arno 8. Chase 

Kev. K. P. Miller 

Mrs. E. P. Miller 

K. H. Osgood 

N. M. Shaw 

Mrs. (). S. Tlioines 

MissC. K. Wilson 

A. H. Wyman 


Rev. W. P. ChiiMiian 

D. W. Chapman 
Mrs. E. P. Shaw 

Ellis W. Nash 
MisM E. Houston 
Capt. Austin Miller 
Miss Harriet Spruul 


H. P. Burrill 


Mrs. .1. W. Crosby 

.lob Abbott 
Arthur P. Abbott 
Rev. W. H. (i(.ul.l 
Mrs. Walter Scott 

Mrs. (i. L. Gould 

Dover mikI Foxcroft. 

Kev. F. H. Pratt 
Alma a. Sampson 

E. L. Sampson 
J. G. Stewart 

L. P. Evans 
E. .1. Mayo 
K.D. (iJiman 
W. C.Woodbury 
Dr. E. D. Merrill 
Miss Fannie Foss 

S. .1. Law 

Miss Edna Roberts 
Ellen Inman 
Mrs. (). X. Kus.sell 
Mrs. Mabel Warren 

E. A. Ireland 
Mrs. E. A. Ireland 
A. .T. McNauRhton 
San ford Ritchie 

Rev. David Kerr 


See last report. 


Mrs. Marshall .\. Bond 
Mrs. ('has. Cushing 
.1. Fred Davis 
Mrs. .1. M. Kendall 
Elinnia O. Kilby 
Rev. G. Merriam 

G. A. Fofirg 
J. P. Merrill 
A. B. Weston 


Mra. Sarah B. Adamt 

V. L. AmeMbnry 

Mrs. K. r. Burr 

C. E. Dearinif 

Mrs. A. N. McCansland 

Mrs. •). I.. Quimby 

I.ucile Quimby 

II. A. Billi^ 

8. E. .Juhnson 


John H.ll^avitt 
Mary C.Hink ley 

Henry .1. I^avitt 
Mary H, Leavitt 


Mrs. E. W. Kills 
Mrs. H. Hudson 
.Mrs. E. F. Hudv.n 
Mrs. M. li. .Murcan 
D. K. Straw 

A. S. Stroui 
•Mrs. Z.L. Turner 
Mrs. H. Douglass 


Mis> ,\nnie S. Banks 
Mrs. I.. E. (JIarey .\da E. Edgcomb 

B. F. Fuller 

Mrs. (ieo. S. Fuller. 
Mrs. .Julia li. (Trittin 
Mrs. C. B. Peckham F'annie .\. Priest 

Mrs. A. S. Chad born 
Mrs. Frank DaveniK)rt 
Mrs. .F. M. Everleth 
Miss .\bbie Everleth Sophia B. (tilman Marv M. Martin 
Mrs. Wafter S. Marston 
Miss .\nnie F. Page S. Pa^e Sylvina L. Smith 
.Mrs. H. S Stil.son 
•lohn Varnev 
Rev. C. A. Wight 
Mrs. Geo. W^ingate 
.lames H. I.ei^li 
W. H. Perry 


Frank (i. Kellogg 

Island Falls. 

F. F. Bieelow 

Mrs. S. T. Campl»ell 

S. K. Crabtree 

Rev. F. S. D«)litT 

(4. D. Emerson 

M. D. Estes 

8. C. Sprat t 

Miss Edna B. Walker 


Rev. (ieo. E. Tufts 




Rev. A. A. B«>nnett 
HitfoldW. C:i r 

I>e*. tieo. E. is 

Mi>. (Jeo. E. 1 
MissK Ella 1... ., .: 
Miss Adelaide Weeks 


Mrs. Anna K. Brown 

H F.Curtis 

Mr. Hutohiiis 

Mrs. Sar.ih A. Haiisim 

Wni. B. Nason. Jr. 

C. R. Uitletield 
Miss Sarah Wise 

E. A. Fairfield 
M*r>- W. Frtirtield 
Mrs. (). 1). Stevens 

W. E. Barry 

F. E. Hail 

Miss Mary G. Moore 
Mrs. S. E. Perkins 
Geo. Kubmson 

Ken n**bunk port. 

J.K. Bell 

Mrs. Lillie I,. Boothby 

Mrs. F •• Cluff 

U. H. 1 

Mrs. L. A. Folsom 

Mrs. Alta Gram 

kev. W. T. KitfKS 

C W. Nason 

Mrs. Mary Shehan 

Miss Lottie R. Torry 

Mrs. W. H. Washburn 

E. H. Marston 

C. E. Miller 

Chas. P. Sawyer 

Mrs. Alexander Sloane 

Mrs. Gideon Wells 

Mr«. H. A. Wells 
W. K. WheolwriKht 
Hev. In.sley .\. Bean 
Capt. A. M. Welch 

L«t>anon, No. 

Newell Goodwin 
Mrs. Newell (kwdwin 

l.r^tlm. No. 

Hon.T. H. B4»othby 
Ijnl Howard 
Mrs. l^ii l{o\var<l 

Mrw. Onr^nr^ Emerson 

' nOUMe 

Mm H. ii. ."skwiner 
Miv» Marv <» -(i.i»'« 
I»r. II ( I rd 

**- "■'. .1. i.uruMam 

« l>. Karrar 
S IV Hayes 
Mm iN-rf ival Mamton 
C. O. M'.rrilt 

Mrs.W. II. Newell 
Mrs. W. A. Pidgin 
Mrs. I.. Talbot 
Mr-. Wallaie White 
MissF. H. White 
Mrs. W. A. Ames 
Mrs. B. Chandler 
Pres. (;. C. Chase 
Mrs. R. S. Fogtr 
Miss Ida Fullerton 
Miss Henrietta Given 
Mrs. .1. .S. (bolder 
Miss Idella (bolder 
Mrs. B. F. Haves 
Pri)f. ,1. A. Howe 
Prof. L. (i. Jordan 
Mrs. C. H. Miller Rose Nealev 
Prof. H. K. Puriiigrton 
Prof. J. H. Rand 
Prof. J. G. Stanton Sarah Waketield 
Mrs. J. E. Wilson 


Mrs. Ro.\y S. Carpenter 

Enoch Ilsley 

Miss Juliette B. Ilsley 

Mrs. Chas. .\dains 
Mrs. G. M. l^owdoin 
Rev. (i. A. Mills 
Mrs. G. A. Mills 

Miss Mildred Brown 
John P. Eastman 
Cha.s. E. Felch 


Silas Hubbard 


Rev. K. A. Harlow 
Mrs. Sarah (J. Payne 
Miss Alice E. Payne 

Liverinore Falls. 

Mi.s.s Blanche Andrews 
Ed^ar (i. Jones 


Florence K. llawkos 
Elizabeth M. Hawkes 

C. M. Pluinmer 


Ephraim (ylark 
Elijah H. Hall 
Mrs. I). P. Hussey 
Isaac Waters 

Mrs. N. Bryant 
Mrs. L. ('base 
Mrs. A. K. Define 
A. W. (;iiddcn 
E. HiiKi^ett 
.lool p. llouKton 
Mrs. T. C. Kennedy 
John M. Perkins 
E/.ek lel K«>sH. Ks<i, 
Mrs. K. KoHH 
a. D. Wyman 

New Gloucester. 
J. W. True 

New Viueyard. 

AUinzo J. Baker 
Sam'l B. Luce 
Mrs. Sam'l B. Luce 


Mrs. Hannah Page 

North Berwick. 

Mrs. Wm. Arbine 

For others see last report. 


Rev. B. S. Rideout 
Rev. Miss C. E. Angell 
Mrs. M. A. Oxnard 
Wm. Leavitt 

F. W. Sanborn 


Mrs. A. P. Benjamin 

G. C. Haynes 


Mrs. E. R. Altord 
A. P. Bickmore 
Mrs. E. C. Carr 
Hurlburt J. Crowell 
N. H. A. Gammon 
S. R. (iower 
Miss E. M. Haynes 

Herbert A. Martin 
Miles Mersereau 
F. \\. Phelps 
R. F. Pierce 
Miss Eva B. Roby 
Miss E. E. Spearin 
Miss Ardelle Sawyer 


See last report. 


Fred W. Bouncy 

(leo. K. Crockett ^ 

Jas. L. Cummings 

Geo. N. Haskell 
Mrs. S. M. King 
Mrs. J. H. Stuart 

Rev. W. E. Brooks. D. D. 
Mrs. W. E. Brooks 
Henry Fobes 
Miss Euni<!0 C. Fobos 
Mrs. Esther Ryerson 
Miss A. E. Sweet 
Mrs. (Jeo. A. Wilson 
Wilbur L. Farrer 

Simon Frost 


Mrs. F. H. Wilbur 
Mrs. ilulia Lombert 
Edgar R. i oothaker 


Mrs. C. V. Minot 

i;ii5i,i: .so«:iKTY ni .MAlNfc. 



Mr. Iliiiiifir 

>f iKM Annie .)«MikinH 


n«nry S. l'>ry:int 

M. N. liiiriiN 

Mrs. Kul« M. rirveland 

-Mi.sH Alice I. KviinM 

MrH. Kli/ahetli T. How 

Win. |{. >Iowatt 

W ni. K. Neal 

.Mrs. A. Hantlall 

I.. A. .Austin 

«;«?<>. II. .Xn-hiltaM 

H. ('. Hra.lford 

\i^nus (.'ole 

Mrs. Mary E. Cary 

k. K. Dewey 

M. M. Duroy.-Ir. 

IMw. (J. F<).si«'r 

Mrs. I,. T. (Jarlami 

Mrs. M. !•:. <iuul(l 

MisHC. K. (Jould 

Neils .lohnsun 

II. M. .MalMiK 

('. L. Marston 

.1. P. Manning; 

Surah .1. Morrill 

Mrs. I.. A. (Mr 

il. \V. Kobin.son 

S. A. True 

G. K. Coniery 
Mrs. I)a\ id McPlierson 
Miss Anna Srribner 
Miss Mary K. Cunant 
John M (.oiild 
Mrs. Joiin M.liould 
Miss Ahhie F. Carpenter 
Mrs. Sarah S. Eaton 
('. C. Harmon 
Pr ('arleton Kinihall 
.Mrs. ( )r«Mi IIti(»|»er 
Mrs. .\. Moiitjfoiuery 
Kev. (Jeo. \V. Kelley 
Mrs S. A. hell 
«;. W . Brown 
Mrs. H. S. Ch»v 
Sainl (). Cohh 
Mr. Carl Collin 
Charles .\. Oalton 
Mrs. S. K. Khvell 
Mrs. C. C. Farnsworth 
Mrs. \V. r. 
•.Mrs. (J. H Fnrhish 
•Caut. .Ah in Hall 
Fred N. Hooi>er 
Mrs. Helen Johnson 
U'ni. H. .lohnson 
Mrs. Wnj. \^. .lohnsoji 
Mrs. P. S. Kniiiht 
\. C. I.eadhetter 
Mrs. A. C Lead be tier 
Mrs. E. C. Manter 
'lames Manter 
Mrs. E. A. Marks 
Miss Sarah Moulton 
•Mrs. Mary Newman 
.lames W . Parker 
Mrs. .laujes \V. Parker 
Miss E. M. Prinre (trace V. Head 
Mrs. Wm. H. Scott 
Kev. E. P. Wilson 
•Mrs. E. P. Wilson 
Miss Marion F. Wilson 

MfM. A. 1). W' , 
Mm. (i.e. W 
Mrs. .M. H. W.H>UI>ury 
N. I.. Woodbury 
(ten. H. Wynian 
Albert H. Sniatl 
Mrs. M. A. HoaKtr 
.1. H. <ioui<I 

Mrs. (ieo Kiirnliani 
Chas. F. FlaifK 
.1. H. Short 
Mrs. John Siinmons 
Mrs. S. W. Thaxter 

Miss Thena S. Allen 

MisN.lennie Brooks 

J, \'. ('oonibs 

H. H. Crandall 

Mr. H.CV.x 

Mrs. A. H.Cobb 

F. I). Folsoui 

O. W. Fullam 

C. V. .lones 

1. 1. Jor<lan 

Kev. Lewi.s Malvern 

Miss .Mary Malvern 

Dr. N. M. .Marshall 

C. I.nrr 
W. J.Orr 

Mrs. C. M. SpotTord 

Annie J. Aver 
Mrs. .M. M. Bailey 
Jason F. Fickett 
J. H. Johnson 
Mrs. J. H. .lohnson 
J. N. Hacker . 
Wm. I. Hacker 
Mrs. M. S. Hawkes 
Caroline Jones 
Esther Jones 
.\rthnr H. Jones 
.\unustii8 ( '. Jones 
Henry N'arney 

(ieo. H. Bnxtoii 
Mrs. (ieo. H. Buxton 
W. L. Cnrd 
Helen V. Card 
J. B. Donnell 
Fred K. Eastman 
Lula Iloyt 
r. .\. Josselyn 
Mrs. (>. E. Jones 
Joseph A Locke Esq. 
Geo. H. Lord 
Mrs. (iet». H. Lord 
Mrs. D. F. Murdcxk 

A. M. Smith 
(i. M. Donhain 
Wm. Lucas 

Mrs. Lewis McDonald 
S. .•\.Skillin^rs 
Mrs. C J.Clark 
H. M. Freeman 

D. P. Parker 
C. N. Barber 
Rev. IL Chandler 
Mrs. A. F. Coltin 

B. M. Eastnuin 
Mrs. B. M. Eastman 
J. W. Hujfhey 
Rev. W. S.Jones 

r. E. Knijrht 
Ira I>. Locke 
Mrs. Ira D. Locke 

E. L. Sawyer 
Iran .M. Soule 

Chas. Dole 
Philip F. Turner 
Mrs. P. F. Turner 
Mrs. ("lara L. KubertH 


Maurice W. Crusby 
Mrs. Reuben Riisnell 
John M. WillianiN 

(Kent's Hill.) 

Mni. Stephen .Mlyn 
Rev. W. F. Berry 
Mills F. A. Davis 
Mrs. B. W. Harrunan 
L. H. McKenney 
Prof. J. (). NewK.n 
Prof. A.C.I 
Prof. H. E. ; lien 


MiR.M Clara M. Farwell 

Kuinrurd Fall*. 

Wm. H. Allen 
Frank .1. (Iraffani 
Jtdin McDonald 
Chas. A. Mixer 

R. M. Davis 


Mrs. Wm. Currie 
Mrs. A. J. Sawyer 


Hannah II. (iordon 
Al.sada J. Donaldson 
Mrs. Lucy J. Donaldson. 

Mrs. (ieor»fie .\IIen 
Rev. Leroy Bean 
Sirs. Leroy IVan 
Miss M. S. Eastman 
J. A. (iarland 
H. P. (iarland 
Miss Mary (ilover 
Miss .\nnie C. Jcdinson 
Fred A. Lord 
Mrs. H. Soammond 
Miss Edith Scammond 

Geo. A. Emery. Esq. ^ 
Hamnden Fairfield. Es<j. 
Mrs. Hampden Fairfield 

Miss Ellen M. Emery 

(Sprinif v»le,) 

Mr>. .1. E. Cochrane 
Geo. Hanson. Es«i. 
Mrs. George Hanson 

Mrs. A. (>. Campliell 




Mre. Benjamin Larral>ee 
Un. C. F. Larrabee 

B. S. Larrmbee 
Miw 8. T. Libby 
Mrs. L/uda G. Oliver 
Mia Marion Oliver 
J. C. Peterson 

Mn. M. C. Cobb 

Sear* port. 

Mn H. P. Carver 
Miss EUen Morsman 
i'apl P. F. Park 
Mrs. M. K. Park 
Mr8.J. F. M. P:irk 
Mr*. F. I. Pendleton 
G. F. Smith 

C. True 

Beds w ilk. 

Mrs. C. B. Carter 
Hev. E. S. Drew 
Mrs. M. K. Day 

<ie<». Grindle 
W. N. Means 
Arthur Sartrent 
Mrs. Arihiir Sar^jent 
Mrs. F. H. Smith 
Mrs. Theoilore Smith 
Mrs. .Martha Spooner 
Mrs. Julia Wilson 


L. Goodwin 

Mrs. Anna .\. LtM^mis 

M" r A.Marston 

.1 « '. r»inith 
kev. W. H. Spencer 
Mrs. J. H.Williams 

R. D. Raker 
Mrs E. B. Curtis 
Mrs. K. B. Hill 
Mrs. K. P. Pa«e 
Mrs. (;. M. Pase 
Miss Ahhie Tilton 
L l. W.ilu»n 
Mrs. L. W. Weston 


p». i"'i.,«.r [ "•■ifley 

Aiinifose .-^awteile 

fioiith Rfrwirk. 

Madtaoh Kid lev 

866 last repnrt for others. 

0t«eii Falls. 
Ml« Mary Wini{at« 

Mn. J. T. Berry 


Mr* Waahintfton L. Datf 

Mrs. C. If Wl.itf- 


Mrs. J. F. Chanev 
.Mrs. Wm. E. Frost 
Mrs. H. .\. Marriner 
Mrs. tl. Marriner 
Mrs. Fannie Purinstou 
Mrs. John Purin^jton 
Mrs. Geo Hidley 
iMiarles. H. Small 
F. C. Whitehouse 


Dr. J. T. Cushiiitf 
C. K. Dilliim'ham 
W. B. French 
Mrs. Sarah French 
A.S. Kicker 
Mrs. Clara Moody 


Miss L. A. Varney 


Mrs. John .\verill 
Miss Elizabeth A. Frye 
Mrs. Chas. Li^htbody 
Charles .1. I'erley 
Mrs. Virgil Otis 
Samuel Kanco 

Kast VHSsalboro. 

Mrs. Gto. II. Cates 
Mrs. Daniel C. Cates 
Wm. H. Dow 
Mrs. C. F. Kichardson 
Mrs. Horace S. Priest 

Mrs. A. M. Donnell 


Mrs. M. \ Hutchius 
L. L. Kennedy 

Mrs. Helen Daggett 
Mrs. E. A. Everleth 
J. II. Lovell 
MissSarali Ludwig 

D. W. P.. Iter 
Miss T. F. Sproul 

E. Trowbridge 
Miss Sadie C. West 


Rev. T. S. Perrv 

Miss Susan H. \Vilkins 


See last report. 

Went brook. 

Jabez Dickey 
Rev. A. H. Keiiney 
Mrs. A. 11. Kenney 
Chas. II. I.eigliton 
Mrs. E. W. Kome 

Joseph M. Burgh 
Kev. (ieo. I'.. Ilsley 
Mrs. (ieo. B. Ilsley 
N'aunce L. Porter 

K. J. HaskelT 

Elizabeth L. .NasoD 


Mrs. David F. Guptill 
Mrs. J. Orin Peck 

Mrs. I. D. Harper 
Moses H. Little 
*Miss C. C. Varnev 
Miss S. S. Varney" 

Windham, South. 

Mrs. Wm. Pick ford 
Mrs. H. B. Elkii.s 
Frank S. Morton 

John Cartland 
Miss ISIerriam Cartland 
yimer P. Hu.ssev 
Chas. A. Nichols 
Wm. P. Stanley 


Mrs. C. A.Coclirane 
A. J. Crowell 
Miss Helen Stevens 
Mrs. Helen Flint 

Winthrop Centre. 
E. W. Bowery 
Miss Alice M. Clough 
Mary W. Jones 
J. D. Packard 
D. C. Kobbins 
Fred Q. Williams 
Mrs. Fred Q. Williams 
Henry Winslow 

J. M. Cobb 
S. I). Sawver 
Ellen Woods 

Henry II. ^: EldjMi Baker 
Edward (i. McKinnon 
M. C. Merrill y 

Miss (icrtrude Richards 
(ieo. W. Svveet/.er 
Mrs. E. H. Wilson 


Mrs. C. C. Barrel! 
Mrs. A. C. E. Mclntire 
Rev.S. C. Perkins 
HA. Stacy 
J. E. Staples . 
Daniel A. Stevens 


Arthur 8. Carleton, 

Albany. N. Y. 
Miss M. King, 

Washington, D. C. 

• Deceased. 



TLlfc fIDcinbcre of tbc Bible Society of fTainc. 

Twenty <li)ll»rs |iaid at one time, or in instalmentN of not less than %r>.(yt> 
each, and dusitcnated a.s Tor tliat purpose, constitutes one a Life Memher of tlie 

mi<:mhf.ks in FII.I. : 

Ahhott. Mrs. M. A., lioston, MaK«. 
An)i«k,.l. \V., I'orlhmd. 
Antliony, Prof. A. W., Lewi.ston. 

Bailey, Kov. H. F.. Mush. 
bailey, ('lias. I., Winthrop. 
Kailey, Chas, M.. Winthrop. 
Bailey, Mclviii M . Portland. 
Bailey, F^lwood, Winihrop. 
Bailey, Mr.s. Hannah .1., Winthroj). 
Banfcs, iMr.s. D. M.. Portland. 
Barher, Kt«\ . \V. H . Brid^ton. 
Bartlott, .1. W.. l<:ii..t. 
Baxter, Hon. .lutues P., Portland. 
Baxter, Mrs. Kniily P., Portland. 
Baxter, Mrs. Mary A., Ne\vi>ort, H. I. 
Boan, (ie<». W.. I.ewiston. 
Bennett. Mrs. Belle .M.. Brid^ton. 
Berrv. .h<hn K.. West Stunner. 
Blanchard. Kev. H.. D D.. Portland. 
Blodtfett. Mrs. (Jeo., Bucksport. 
Bolster, H. M.. vSouih Paris. 
Brenion, Mrs. K K., So. Portland. 
Bri>fjfs. Joseph E., Winthrop. 
Bryant. .Mrs. .\. W.. Newcastle. 
Burpe*'. Hon. K. R., Ban>for. 
Burrowes, K. '['., Portland. 
Butler, Mrs. F. (Jould, Farniintfton. 
Butler, Prof. Nathaniel, Chica^fo. 

Chamberlain, Hon. J. L.. Brunswick. 
Chaiuller, S. H.. New (iloucester. 
Chandler, Mrs. ('. K , New Gloucester. 
Chai)inan, Prof. Henry L.. Brunswick. 
Cliickerinj;. Charles. Kittery. 
Clark. Annie (i . Thorndike. 
Clark. I). W . Portland. 
Cleveland. Mrs Kate M., Portland. 
Clifford. Kev. H. A.. So. Portland. 
Clynier. Kev. Jolin F., Pittstield. .Mass. 
Cohurn. Mrs. Helen K.. Skowhejran. 
Cohurn.Miss Louisa H., Skowhe^au. 
Cohurn. .Julia L.. Skowhegan. 
Cook. L. R.. Yarmouth. 
Ci^ok. Mrs. L K.. Yarmouth. 
Cram, Mrs. (Jardner. Brunswick. 
Cox. Mrs. Kli/aheth H.. Lewiston. 
Cuslunan. .\ra. Auburn. 
Cushman. Mrs. Ara. .\uhurn. 

Danfortli, FrtMlerick. Gardiner. 
Danforth. Mrs. F .(Jardmer. 
Davies. Rev. T. M.. Cornish. 
Davies, Mrs. T. M., Cornish. 
Deeriny:. Mrs. .\bbie T.. Portland. 
Drake, James B.. Bath. 
Drew, F. M.. Lewiston. 
Dunham. Mrs. E. H., Sedgwick. 

Eastman, T. L., Fryebunj. 

Fisher. Miss M.iry A., Bluehill. 
Fl<K)d. .Mrs. C. A., Wrtt«.r\ille. 
Flood. Miss Kxerene. Waterville. 
Foster. Hon. Jidin li.. Bangor. 
Freeman. Kev. H. A.. Brewer. 
Frye. Sarah, L«-wision. 
Frye. Hon. Win. P.. Lewiston. 

(iarland. J. (i.. Biddeford. 

(laKe. .Mrs. L. (^arey. Farmington, N. H. 

(iav. Charles. Tampa. Fla. 

(tellrin^^ Mrs. .Marion. Bethel. 

(iould. W. K.. Boston. 

( Jray. K. C, ^Lldison. 

(iutniann. F.. Lewiston. 

Hajfue. Rev. W. B., diorham 
Halm, Mrs. Mary E., Lincolnville. 
Hale, IIdii. Kuis'ene, Kllsworlh. 
Haves. Sylvanus B.. Lewiston. 
Halliday. L N., San Francisco, CaL 
Hammond, Geo. W.. Yarmouth. 
Hammond. Mrs. (ieo. W., Yarmouth, 
{lann.'iford. Miss Kose, Cai»e Elizabeth. 
FLaw kes. Mrs. K/ra. Portland. 
H:i/.eIton. F. IL. Portland. 
Holmes. Kev. \V. F.. Kent's Hill. 
Hinkley. Eva (i.. Richmond. 
Hi^r^fins. .Mrs. Calista. Knightville. 
Hooper. Fred N . Portland. 
Hunter. John M. S.. Farmington. 

Johnson, Prof. Henry, Brunswick. 

Kennedy. Mrs. L. .\., Newcastle. 
Knapp, Thos. B., So. liridgton. 

Irish.'Mrs. Sarah E.. Portland. 

Leighton. Edgar B . Falmouth. 
Lewis. Rev. .\lbert .\.. Lewiston. 
Lewis, Mrs. Susan L., lioothhav Harbor. 
Libl.y, Ellen H.. Portland. 
Libhy. J. R.. Portland. 
Lin«'oln. Howard A.. Portland. 
Little, Mrs. (ieo. T.. Brunswick. 
Little. I>ucy A., .\uburn. 
Little, Moses H., Windham. 
Low. Fred H., Bath. 

Mansell. Mrs. O. E., (ireenville. 
Marston. Miss Lizzie J. D.. Yarmouth. 
Marston. Miss Lola S.. Skowhegan. 
ALason, Mrs. Edwartl. Brunswick. 
Matthews. Rev. J. H., Worcester, Mass. 
Mayo. J. S.. Foxcroft. 
Mayo. Walter. Foxcroft. 
Mc.\rthur. Rol)ert, Biddeford. 
McDonald. .Mrs. E. >L. Portland. 



*• uu. Mrs. H. K.. (ianJiner. 

. Mrs. .lulia A.. W. Falmouth. 
Milliikeii. Iloi). l\ A.. Augusta. 
Montiroinery. Miss H. A.. So. Wiiulhain. 
SliH»il\ . M»s.N FraiK't's S.. Hath. 
Morton. Mrs. H. E.. Bluehill. 
Moses. iialenC. Hath. 

Ortiz. Mrs. C. C. Phippslmrif • 

Pag«. Miss Mary K.. Norridgrewock. 
Parsons. Rev. C F.. West brook. 
Patt«n. (Miarles K.. Hatli. 
Patten. Mrs. Knuna M.. Hath. 
I'ayson. Cha*. H.. Portland. 
Perry. Mrs. .lohn. Hrunswiok. 
Phair. Hon. Thos. H.. Prestiue Isle. 
Philbriok. Mrs. C. H.. Lincolnville. 
Pillsbury. Kev. O. S.. Saco. 
Pingree. Mrs. K. C Lewistou. 
Pluninier. Mrs. Nancy S.. So. Berwick. 
I'raii. H. I... l.ewiston. 
Purinton. Mrs. \. K.. Waterville. 

Record, tludson A.. Livermore F'alls. 
Robie. Mrs. Frederick, (iorham. 
Ross, Mrs. E. H.. Newcastle. 

Sampson. Mrs. Thomas, Waterville. 
Sanl>orn. Miss Helen A., Skowhe^ran. 

Scott. Wnj. H.. I'ortland. 
Shaw. Mrs. E. T.. Dainarisootta. 
Smith, .1. (\. Brid^rewater. 
Starbird. Mrs. Nancv D.. Lewistou. 
Straw, Mrs. D. R., Guilford. 

Tapley. Mrs. Hattie E.. Hrooksville. 
'I'empleton, A. L.. Lewiston. 
Thonipson. Miss Clara. Ft. Fairlield. 
'riiurlew, P. M.. Krookliiie. Mass. 
Talford. Mrs. Anna H.. (iorham. 
'lower. F. L . Portland. 
Trask, Rev. .1. A., Waketield, Mass. 

Walker. Mrs. E. J.. Walker's Mills. 
Walker, Miss Caroline A., Hrid^rton. 
Warren, Mrs. Hannah H., Westbrook. 
Warren. Miss Lois, Westbrook. 
We.ston, Clarence A.. Portland. 
Wheeler, (ieo. W.. Boston. Mass. 
Whitmore, Mrs. H. O., Livermore Falls. 
Whit more. Miss Ellen J., Brunswick. 
Whitmore. MissS. M.. (xardiner. 
Wilson. Kev. (xowen C. I'ortland. 
Winslow. .Tacob S.. Portland. 
Woodbury, 'i'bos. C... Port land. 
Wright. Rev. dames, Portland. 

Young, Mrs. Mary E., Brunswick. 

Contrihiitorfi of ^lO each toward Life Meiuberfthip. 
Cooleridge, Mrs. Jane F'rye. FryeburB. Dodge, Ruel A., Bridgton. 

Note.— Life Members in full who desire it. may draw one dollar's wortli of Bi- 
blen each year, by making application to the Ireasurer before the year ends. Such 
drafts are supposed to be for benevolent use. since tJie amount thus drawn 
more than the interest ol the sum contributed. 

out is 

Note.— There I.s lilways a possibility that names will be (nnitled or 
H|>elled wrongly. Tlie SnixTinteinleiit would therefore re^^jird it a per- 
HOiial favor if any cine whf> discovers mistakes of any kind would drop 
him a postal eard, and set him right, so that the error can be corrected 
ill the next report. 

Itlltl.B .SO( IKTY OF MAINK. 25 

form of JBcciucatbing flDonc?. 

I give and beiiueath to the Bible Society of Maine, organized in 

Portland in eighteen hundred and nine, the sum of 

dollars, to be i)aid to tiie Treasurer of said Society witliin 

niontlis after my decease, and his receipt shall be a suflicient discharge 
of my executor for the same. 

In case it is desired to give real estate, the following form can be 
used : — 

1 direct my executors to sell (here describe the real estate), and I 
give and bequeath to the Bible Society of Maine, formed in Portland, 
in the year eighteen hundred and nine, out of the proceeds thereof, the 

sum of dollars, to be applied to the cliaritable uses 

and purposes of said Society, 

JJ the money is designated to coni<titute a permanent fund it should he so 

The Bible Societi/ of }faine, though Aujriliaru to the American Bible Soei*ty, 
receives no aiil from if, and contrihutes to its treasury only after the wants of 
this State are supplied. 



V .' ' 

• ># 4 


^^^^^ . .ill < • • " 

.1 • ' ^t 

A . 






The HF Group 

Indian.i Plant 

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